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The friendly people invite you to enter a new world, or rather, change your route and go back to the beginning of everything.

A world where life is born from the earth. 

Where inspiration comes from the horizon.

Where the sun and moon touch the skin like gods purifying body and mind.

Where nature provides the music that lulls us to celebrate life. 

Where the elementals meet to sustain the soul: fire, water, air, earth.

'Utopia', many might say. 

But the wisdom of the Muriquis shows us the opposite.

Between branches and crowns, they dance with the joy of living as equals.

A free community, without distinctions and “that come and go, that sway”, as the Tupi people used to say.
Between them there is no alpha and love is simply free,

People who take from nature only what is necessary and return to it what helps to regenerate life.

Yes, primates! But that, for that very reason, teach us the primitive beauty of things.

Dance, celebrate, breathe and experience...

Here the essence is not just sustainable, it is regenerating and sowing the essence of life.

And for that, our inspiration is simple:

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